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the american economy and essentially saved it by kicking out all of these good-for-nothing ceos and making companies, once again, economically efficient and productive. these folks think they're heroes and they saved america. and the public thinks they are villains and their whole job is to enrich themselves and destroy jobs. >> narrator: the aftermath of some of the leveraged buyout deals was devastating: bankruptcies, factory closures, employees laid off. >> bain capital was never set up to be a job creation program. it was set up to make wealthy inveors even wealthier. they didn't sit around the table talking about how many jobs this would create. oftentimes it was the opposite, how many jobs could be cut to make the company more efficient. >> mitt is a person who wants to be successful. making money is how you're measured in the private equity and venture capital business, but you're making money for your investors first and foremost, and that was always mitt's focus was to make money for them. >> narrator: the way those closest to him tell it, he had come to see himself as a white kni
sign for the u.s. economy. home prices continued their comeback in august. the s&p case-shiller home price index tracks prices in 20 major cities, finding prices rose 2% in august compared to a year ago. "the force" is now with the house of the mouse. disney is paying $4 billion for lucasfilm limited and its "star wars" franchise. tomorrow, u.s. stock markets reopen after an historic two-day shutdown. for more financial news, tune in to nbr weeknights on this public television station.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)